• Discover a Little MLP Magic at Boston Comic Con

    While a good portion of the Brony fandom is focused in on BronyCon what tidbits of news are coming out of Baltimore Maryland this weekend, there are other events going on around the country. In this case, one of the larger conventions going on this particular weekend, aside from the two in Baltimore, is in historic Boston, Massachusetts. Specifically it was Boston Comic Con, which was held at the Boston Convention & Exposition Center.

    For those of you who have gone to PAXEast, the building up above should look very familiar. For those of you who haven't, it should be known far and wide as the place where Ducktales Remastered was announced to the world!

    So, what brought two staff members of Equestria Daily to Boston Comic Con on a cloudy Saturday? Well, aside from the old but true adage of "misery loves company" there were two specific reasons. The first was to check in on our friend IDW Comic Artist Sara Richard. As for the second... there is a celebrity guest at the convention who has a knack for singing about being in heads like a catchy song.

    Be sure to check out our journey to visit Felicia Day after the break!
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